What is Account Funding?

Usual payment processing companies are refusing to allow viral mailers and traffic exchanges to use their payment IPNs by cancelling their accounts on those sites. An owner might get away with it for a little while, but then they find you and cancel your account when they realize what kind of a site it is. Only crypto company IPNs have no issues with us using their services.

If you don't use crypto, to enable you to use regular money, we have installed a plugin that let's you fund your account and then use that funding to purchase upgrades, credits, etc. So, you send money to our account through the plugin, creating an account balance for your site. Then, you use that account balance to purchase what you want on the site.

You can access the plugin by clicking on the second button, labelled "Account," on your site's top menu. A drop-down menu will appear and on it you will see an entry labelled, "Fund Your Account." Click on that and a page will appear with your funding options.

You can use Skrill, Uphold, GPay (Google Pay) or Zelle. Once you complete the deposit, you can use the funds on YourAdStation site to buy what you want.

Throughout the site, wherever you can buy stuff, you will see, in addition to a Coinpayment button, buttons that say "Account Balance." You can click on those, and the site will automatically use what you have previously deposited to pay for your purchase and the site will automatically give you what you are purchasing.

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